Design Process

A Little About Our Design Process & What to Expect

We have a very flexible design process.
* You will always be kept up to date on the progress of our work. We make every effort to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your project, we will work with you until we come to a mutually agreeable arrangement on how to proceed. We want our clients to leave us happy!
* How long the project will take depends mostly on your availability. Giving us clear direction is important in order for your process to run smoothly and in a timely matter. Because your business is important to us, we always work as quickly as possible. So please feel out our questionnaire completely.
* The sooner that you are able to review your designs and give us feedback, the sooner we can continue with your design. If you are slow to respond, this could result in your design completion time getting pushed back and lengthening the project time. Since time is precious to all, if you are unable to communicate with Heidilyn Originals during your scheduled time, you will lose your spot on the schedule and will require a new schedule placement. We do care about our clients and realize things come up in life, so if you are sick, or otherwise required elsewhere, just keep in communication with us and let us know!
* It is our responsibility to treat you with kindness and respect, and we expect the same in return.

Our Terms

* Due to the nature of our business, once a deposit has been made on your custom design order, we are unable to issue any refunds.
* ALL HTML documents, images and files are legal property of Heidilyn Originals, until you have paid in FULL. They may not be sold, traded, or lent to anyone. Any misuse may constitute legal action being taken.
* If you decide that you want to cancel your project, all elements of the project must be returned to Heidilyn Originals. Any work done may not be reproduced in any form without consent from the designer.
* Please do not remove the designer’s signature and link placed in the footer and/or HTML/CSS of your completed design. It’s quite rude!


Website Design Retainer Fee

* You will need to make a $300 (non-refundable) retainer fee (that will transfer to your total website design fees), before beginning your project. Payment via Paypal is preferred. Make sure you secure our current design rates by getting on our waiting list!


Website Design Process

* We will work up some static mock-ups of your site for you to view. Once completed, we will email you the preview for you to view. This will be your chance to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Feedback from you at this point is VERY important. Please make sure that you list every change that you wish to be made before your final mock-up.
* Making any major changes to the design once it has been moved to the implementation process, may result in an increase to the original estimated price. Three (3) major revisions are allowed, which would include items such as new graphics, functionality features, or dramatic changes to the design. Minor revisions will be accepted throughout the process. The design/layout of your website is VERY important, so please be clear in all correspondence regarding any/all changes that you want made to the design.
* We will give you advice if we don’t think a design will be user friendly, visually appealing, slow loading, or anything else we feel will not look/work right. You will be responsible for providing/entering all text content. Once your final mock-up is complete, the implementation process will begin.


Implementation Process

* During the implementation process is where we will actually start building your site; integrating your design and setting up/customizing your shopping cart or store. At this time, NO major revisions are allowed without an increase in the price as quoted. You are responsible for acquiring your own domain name and hosting service. This will need to be acquired prior to your site going online.
* We actually recommend using GoDaddy for hosting, but we can use just about any hosting you choose…some are just more stable than others. If you choose to use a different host, we are not responsible for re-uploading a website if anything should happen (for the quoted price). It would be an additional $75 to put it back online and $125 if you would like a backup to be sent to you in case of future problems.
* At this time we will also need important information (such as your wp login information, tp/cpanel login and password, etc.) in order to install your new design. Your passwords and login info will never be shared with outside parties, we will treat them with the utmost security and privacy.
* We will run your site in our test environment, and once you are happy with it, the remaining project balance will be collected and your site will be moved to its final location. You will have the opportunity at this time to make any minor changes, such as links, text color changes, content additions, etc. We will try our best to complete all of your changes. Any imagery and layout changes cannot be made at this time, those were to be made during the mock-up stage.


Going Live!

* Once your design is on your domain, we will test it once again and put together the final touches.
* Then…we will walk you through your website, step by step via phone or email. At this time, you will need to review any information that we have given you regarding your site and ask any technical questions that you might have.
* We will always be available for ANY questions that you might have about your website (this does not include maintenance to your site). Most all of our customer service is handled via email, but we also offer customer service by telephone if needed.
* We also offer website maintenance (for an additional fee) which includes adding text/images/products, provided by you via email, as well as general maintenance to check and make sure links/images are working properly. If you have ANY questions as to what is included in your purchase, please contact us first!